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APT stands for AustralAsia-Pacific Thrust. It is the region of the world we reach out to as a missions organization. It is geographically the farthest from these United States.

APT Foundation is an inter-denominational missions ministry, and was pioneered by Andrew and Patsy in 1990. As of 2008, APT supports 100+ pastors in 10 countries; has constructed 16 church buildings; has purchased 17 motorcycles for native pastors, and is establishing 3 Bible colleges in Fiji, Northern India, and Indonesia!

2 Timothy 2:24 says, "The Lord's servant should be APT to teach..."   Teaching is Andrew's strongest gifting.

2 Kings 24:16 says, "...soldiers... strong and APT for war."   We are committed to moving ahead in a positive way, gaining ground for God!

Supporting Pastors in developing countries
One of the first objectives of APT was to help financially subsidize native pastors in developing countries. Over a decade and a half, the missions aspect of this ministry has been assisting nearly 100 pastors in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. Two of the biggest target nations have been Indonesia - the most populated Moslem country in the world, and India - the most populated Hindu country in the world! It averages US $29 per month to help subsidize one native pastor! For more information, contact us.

APT Foundation has helped to purchase 17 motorcycles to facilitate needy pastors to be more effective in reaching people in remote areas of developing countries.

Constructing Church Buildings
Since our incipience, APT has financially helped to construct 17 simple but solid church buildings in Indonesia, India, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. It averages US $5,000 to assist with the construction of a simple church building! For more information, contact us.

Feeding and Educating Needy Children
Anne has been running "Door of Hope" - a Day Care Center for poverty-stricken children from the slums in the City of Bangalore, India. It costs only $10 per month to help sponsor a child. Each child is bathed, fed, and educated five days a week! At least a dozen little ones aged 2 to 5 years are cared for each day. Further, another 15+ older children (many of them older siblings of the little ones) come for free after-school tuition for almost 2 hours. They are also given a snack. (See pictures on our Picture Gallery!) For more information, contact us.

Starting Christian Elementary and Secondary Schools
AICS (American International Christian School) was established in 2003 in the Fiji Islands at our 9-acre ABC (APT Bible College) campus there. It is doing well! It is accredited by the Department of Education in Fiji from Kindergarten thru Grade 13 - College entry level. (See pictures on our Photo Gallery!) If you desire more information, contact us.

Likewise, SAICS (St. Andrew's International Christian School) began on our North India APT Bible College campus in 2008. We started with Lower Kindergarten, and have been adding one grade per year. (See pictures on our Picture Gallery!) For both our Christian schools, we charge only a part of the costs. If you desire to help with any of these aspects of the vision, contact us.

Bible Colleges Established
The first APT Bible College was established in 1996, in the Fiji Islands, in the beautiful South Pacific. It has had an average of nearly 35 students graduate each year. It now also offers a ‘Diploma in Theology’!

A second APT Bible College was pioneered in Jakarta, Indonesia. For security reasons, we shall not share much more here! Suffice to say we have nearly 60 students here, and many new churches being established through their practical course requirements! This then, is our Christian response to 9/11! :) PTL.

Our North India APT Bible College started functioning in 2005. Opposition to the Gospel is much stronger in the North than in the South. Thus our deliberate choice of location! This 6-acre campus will sleep a minimum of 50 students; host SAICS - our Christian School, and also our new Medical clinic! $29 per month will help us train a young man or woman in any of these countries into an able minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! For more information, contact us.

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